I hate paint


On the right, Behr 790E-3 (Porpoise). The colour that broke my heart. Beautiful on the computer, beautiful on the paint chip, gorgeous on the little dot of paint that they put on top of the lid, lavender on the wall. On the left, the colour that made me whole again: Behr 770E-3 (Pewter Mug). Exactly like Porpoise on the paint chip in the store, exactly like Porpoise on the little dot, perfect on the wall.

Admittedly, when I look at the two paint chips together under the fairly yellow light in most rooms of my house, there is a distinct rosiness to the Porpoise that I hadn’t noticed before. Who knew that cetaceans were pink? Though I’m happy that I should be able to finally get my room painted this weekend or next I really don’t think that this process should have been so difficult.

*le sigh*


  1. Michele Jun 19

    How bizarre. I was having the same debate with porpoise and pewter mug paint chips in my kitchen this evening. I google porpoise, etc. and found my way here. Good blog.

    I think we’ll go pewter mug too. Want to avoid rosiness/lavender. Thanks!

  2. PopoiseGirl Jan 21

    I had the same problem. Paint chip = great! Wall color = lavendar! :(