it’s been a while

It’s been a month.

Well, more than a month, but June this has been a pretty eventful June, so how about a roundup?

Since June 1st, 2010 I’ve:

  • Turned 32. Not an age that cares many portents to it (it’s 33 that I intend to both beware of, and stay forever), but another year living nonetheless.
  • Took a week off of work for the pure purpose of chillaxation.
  • Gone on my first real grown-up business trip — one that reminded me why I love software development, and caused me pause in my decision to stop doing it.
  • Laid tile.
  • Co-opted Nerd 2’s PS3
  • Played too much of the same video game.
  • Booked a trip to take Nerd 2 home to meet the ‘rents.
  • Made a budget that has me: maxing out my retirement contributions, funding emergency & vacation funds, and paying cash for a fast convertible the day I get my JD, all while not living like a pauper (the secret? buy less yarn).
  • Read a book that while not depressing per se, made me fairly unhappy — though I’d totally recommend it, especially if you are a fan of The Police.
  • Considered joining in on this 101 in 1001 meme that’s been going around.  The idea of forcing myself to set SMART goals is intriguing, but I hate to-do lists almost as much as Jenni loves them — and you know how good I am at finishing projects that I start on the Internet.  So we’ll see. Right now I have 15 things… and the list would make a lot more sense if I was aiming for mid 2014, as opposed to Q1 2013.
  • Watched Star Wars episodes IV-VI back to back.
  • Felt vaguely guilty about not posting enough on this blog.
  • Considered whether it was reasonable in any shape or form to have the nervous breakdown before starting law school.
  • Decided it wasn’t.
  • Drank a lot of beers at a beer fest.
  • Participated in an awesome 3-Day Fundraiser, bringing in over $1200.
  • Graduated myself into Level 2 belly dance classes.
  • Made this long introspective list, intending to pass it off as valid and interesting web content.

So it’s not like I’ve been completely slacking. Just ignoring you… see?


  1. jenni Jul 1

    i’m glad you’re working on your 101 things list, too! i’m planning to start on the 4th. for AMERICA.

  2. tph Jul 1

    I think I’m probably going to wait on starting until after I start school and have a realistic idea of which goals might actually be achievable, given my limited free time.