for lack of a better place

This list of breweries in MN (via MNBeer) is interesting to me for a few different reasons:

  • The huge gulf between macro (Summit @ 82k) and micro (Surly @ 4k) breweries
  • The fact that Surly is the highest producing microbrewery in MN right now.
  • The fact that Crispin is apparently not brewed here.

Last weekend, Nerd 2 and I ventured to the Minneapolis Farmer’s Market.  I mainly wanted to see what I could find for fresh veggies, but Nerd 2 was determined to jump the gun and buy tomato and pepper plants, which he insisted on planting ASAP, of course.

Tonight, they are forecasting up to three inches of snow for our section of Hedoburbia.

It’s a good thing that the epic Friends School Plant Sale is this weekend, so the long, slow, road to recovery can begin.

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  1. jenni May 7

    just tent them with a tarp or bedsheet and they should be fine! i’m just going to put plastic over our herbs tonight.