i wish the answer was yes

When I was shopping around for the domicile that would eventually become Chez Hedo way back in 2004, one of the features on the “nice to have” list that I ended up forgoing was a backyard deck.

Sure, it’s got a patio, and the Great Window Adventure of Aught-Six provided me with a door that leads directly to the backyard.  But to be honest, that patio is small and too shaded.  And the door is 3 feet off the ground.

Fast forward to now(ish): Nerd 2 is back, I have one more summer of relative freedom before I (hopefully) sell my soul and my sanity for a few more letters to put after my name, and it’s time to build that deck, dammit.

I’ve read lots of books. We’re taking a Deck Building 101 course this week.  I’m hoping to have plans ready to submit for a permit by May 1st.  So it’s time to call Gopher One Call (or, at least hit their website) so that my plans don’t involve digging a 4″ footing through a gas line or something.

The website is pretty easy to use (even if it’s _very_ obvious that it’s a contractor built front-end around a circa 1983 mainframe system — I swear I can smell the COBOL), but the best part of the application was the question where it asks whether or not your excavation would be performed using explosives.

This deck would be far more awesome if it was.


  1. Wendy Apr 19

    Dude. I will totally help. It’ll almost be like we’re Amish. In other words, I would love to be a part of your dick raising. I mean deck raising.

    (Seriously. I’d love to bring The Kid out and let him get involved in a little manual labor with Nerd 2.)

  2. tph Apr 19

    You know, I hadn’t considered having a deck building party… but this might just be a great idea.