maybe i am getting the hang of thursdays

We were just wrapping up our 1pm meeting when I realized the true extent to which I didn’t want to be at work anymore yesterday.  So I took the rest of the afternoon off.

It’s not like the morning had been overly productive.  I’d spent most of it thinking about what I’d do when I got home since Thursday was really my first unscheduled evening in quite a while. I’d like to think I used my truancy well:

  • I brewed a cream ale with yeast that had been patiently waiting in the fridge for the past couple of week’s
  • I did some light gardening (how are there already weeds)?
  • I continued to marvel at the wonder that is having your own beer, on tap, in your own house.
  • Knitting happened, in preparation for the Yarnover conference this weekend.  I’m taking a class from Meg Swansen, who is Kind of A Big Deal, in the right circles.

So yeah, not regretting that decision at all.