because someone has to say it

Mark my words, this is going to be a meme someday, and I want to go on the record right here and right now as saying that:

Colonel Miles Quaritch > Chuck Norris

be afraid, little chuck norris man.

Justification after the jump, don’t click or read on if you haven’t seen Avatar yet, k?

I’ll eat my words when Chuck Norris puts his need to breathe behind his duty to shoot down an ornithopter with a pistol. Or gets shot, and then lit on fire, then dropped out of an exploding¬† airship before commanding a mecha into hand-to-hand combat with a giant hairless space worg. Not to mention the fact that merely one neurotoxin dipped javelin to the chest is obviously not enough to put this man down.

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  1. nerd 2 Dec 22

    So, yeah about those claw marks on the Colonel’s face, Chuck Norris likes to wear Ice skates sometimes… Nuff said. Besides, Chuck Norris doesn’t need rank,no one is above Chuck Norris…