one thing leads to another: part one

Jenni’s post does a better job of summing up this past Labour Day’s camping weekend that I possibly could.  There was looking, and card playing, and conversation on topics from the inane to the inappropriate.  Somewhere in between the subject of hick-hop came up.  I still don’t know what it is, really, and I wondered aloud if it was related to Nerdcore.

Which reminded me, that I’d recently acquired a new MC Frontalot album, but not worked it into my rotation yet.

In unrelated news, as some of you may be aware, my boyfriend is a Nerd (both capital, and lowercase n). And he’s currently in a place where bandwidth doesn’t really support the playing of more shall we say “graphically-blessed” games.  So he’s reverted in game technology about 15 years or so and is rocking the MUDs.

So, back to MC Front. I finally give Final Boss a listen, and found my new favourite song pretty early on…

The song calls out Zork, The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, -and- Leather Goddesses of Phobos1. In the video, he duels with Steve Meretzky! This thing could singlehandedly resurrect Infocom.  How could a girl who grew up with an IBM PCjr not love it?

Now… if only I could find my old Wishbringer stone…

1I have to admit, I’m pretty sure that playing this game circa age 11 warped me in ways that are probably pretty self evident, today.