this shouldn’t be such a big deal…

But, given the state of mandatory, free (to consumer), even just partially convienient electronics recycling nowadays (and by “state” I mean it doesn’t exist), I figured that I should mention that some company, MPC is hosting an “e-cycling” event at the Mall of America this week.

It goes from 0600-1900 Th-F, and 0900-1700 on Saturday.  As much as I loath the idea of braving the crowds, I’ll probably be dropping off an old motherboard or eight on Saturday.

Throwing out electronics is uncool, and illegal in MN as of recently.  Doing it properly is normally expensive (on the order of $20 for a CRT monitor).  Electronics can be properly broken down for recycling, but it’s a fairly labour intensive process, which is why no one usually wants to pick up the tab.

A few companies (Dell, Sony) have started taking their old equipment back, and building the cost of recycling into new products sold, but this is a optional act, and not everyone’s on board, So, until the powers-that-be start mandating this, you’re left with a guilty conscience, and empty wallet, or, if you’re like me, a garage full of old parts.