who says 10 straight hours of video games are bad for you?

It’s fall, which means that party season amongst my circle of friends is starting to pick up. Yesterday’s LAN Party was a big success, even if I lost the bottle rocket war with the neighbours; the 612 Party is coming up on October 19th – be there or be square; and the 6th Annual All Hallow’s Eve Extravaganza is set for Saturday October 27th.

I was thinking of having another Canadian Thanksgiving potluck on the 7th, but a visit from Electric Six, and Nerd 2’s prior commitments look like they are getting in the way of that.

Today was supposed to be uber-productive in the realms of bill paying and general life organization but staying up until 0430ish didn’t really help matters. I eventually woke up around 2:30 this afternoon but haven’t really had the motivation to do much besides watch Idiocracy and nibble on leftover snacks. Maybe I should take the day off tomorrow?