when interests collide

I love movies – especially those featuring lots of stylish violence. I also love food – especially that which is spicy. So today’s link love is extra exciting for me…

Robert Rodriguez (El Mariachi, Sin City, Grindhouse, etc) is one of my favorite directors, and he’s been producing these awesome “10 Minute Cooking School” videos in which he describes how to make a few of his favorite dishes, with the help of clips from some of his movies.

Check out the Sin City Breakfast Tacos (with made from scratch flour tortillas, no less), and the Puerco Pibil (the object of Johnny Depp’s obsession) and tell me that your mouth isn’t watering.

I’m really hoping he makes more of these, even the camera style is tantalizing, and after all: “not knowing how to cook is like not knowing how to fuck”.

One last thing: It’s Jenni’s birthday today, and she’s awesome, so hop on over to chocolate mussolini and wish her an awesome weekend!