that’s my shiny thing!

Well, I finally took the twitter plunge. I may or may not be adding one of those nifty flash badges to the sidebar, it depends on how often I use it.

Some things that are shiny right this second:

  • It’s strawberry picking season here in Da-Snow-Ta. Since I decided to give up on my strawberry patch this year, I’ll need to get my fresh strawberry fix elsewhere. has a great listing of pick-you-own-farms in Minnesota, and I’ll probably be checking one out when I get a free afternoon (which will probably be well after the berries have peaked, but oh well.)
  • The Democracy Player (soon to be renamed Miro, apparently). Any video format, any OS, anytime. Built-in BitTorrent client and YouTube search, as well RSS grabber. I can’t wait to get home and try this.
  • Shojo Managa! Girl Power! East and West! I’ve never been to MCAD before, but this exhibit might just get me there.
  • The Cash Box has pointed me towards this game theory based analysis of the classic up vs. down debate. Reading it has gotten me on another brief obsession with game theory, and now I’m in search of reference material. Know any decent Game Theory for Dummies type books (but not written at a for Dummies level, more of a Brief History of Time level)?
  • The party on Saturday was great, as has been discussed elsewhere. The follow two awesome things were learned:
    • Cook’s Illustrated’s recipe for Grilled Shrimp with Charmoula sauce is the win.
    • Brining chicken before grilling makes it pretty much impossible to overcook, and therefore greatly enhances the yummy.