Still Alive — 101 Things Update

Days Remaining: 775
Things accomplished: 7/101

(note to self — pick up the pace)

Here are the things that I’ve finished since the last time I updated:

  • 28. Brew a cider
    • My first cider (probably technically a cyser) was 5 gallons of cider from Pine Tree Apple Orchard, 1 lb honey, 1 lb brown sugar and 1 packet Lalvin champagne yeast. It was a huge hit at the New Year’s Eve party, and the keg was killed shortly after that, making me sad that I didn’t have another one brewing.
  • 50. Can things, eat them the following winter
    • 12 half pints of salsa (Spicy Tomato Salsa from this book)
    • 6 pints of tomato sauce
    • I’m about halfway through using up the salsa and the tomato sauce. The half-pint jars were definitely the way to go for the salsa (it’s a single serving which is pretty awesome), tomato sauce should probably go in quart jars next year.
  • 75. Paint the basement living room
    • Technically, the doors still need painting, but the room got debuted at New Years and is generally usable, so I’m happy.
  • 73. Buy a new tv or projector

Things in Progress:

  • 7. Build emergency fund to 6 months (70%)
    • getting back on track with this, but I will admit that I’ve been letting myself dip into this fund for non-emergencies more than I should.
  • 11. Read Gravity’s Rainbow
    • I started on this over Christmas break but had to put it down when school started again — probably a mistake. I’ll try to pick it up again after finals.
  • 54. Learn to make 3 different salsas (1/3)
    • Spicy Tomato Salsa

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