it’s been a while

It’s been a month.

Well, more than a month, but June this has been a pretty eventful June, so how about a roundup?

Since June 1st, 2010 I’ve:

  • Turned 32. Not an age that cares many portents to it (it’s 33 that I intend to both beware of, and stay forever), but another year living nonetheless.
  • Took a week off of work for the pure purpose of chillaxation.
  • Gone on my first real grown-up business trip — one that reminded me why I love software development, and caused me pause in my decision to stop doing it.
  • Laid tile.
  • Co-opted Nerd 2’s PS3
  • Played too much of the same video game.
  • Booked a trip to take Nerd 2 home to meet the ‘rents.
  • Made a budget that has me: maxing out my retirement contributions, funding emergency & vacation funds, and paying cash for a fast convertible the day I get my JD, all while not living like a pauper (the secret? buy less yarn).
  • Read a book that while not depressing per se, made me fairly unhappy — though I’d totally recommend it, especially if you are a fan of The Police.
  • Considered joining in on this 101 in 1001 meme that’s been going around.  The idea of forcing myself to set SMART goals is intriguing, but I hate to-do lists almost as much as Jenni loves them — and you know how good I am at finishing projects that I start on the Internet.  So we’ll see. Right now I have 15 things… and the list would make a lot more sense if I was aiming for mid 2014, as opposed to Q1 2013.
  • Watched Star Wars episodes IV-VI back to back.
  • Felt vaguely guilty about not posting enough on this blog.
  • Considered whether it was reasonable in any shape or form to have the nervous breakdown before starting law school.
  • Decided it wasn’t.
  • Drank a lot of beers at a beer fest.
  • Participated in an awesome 3-Day Fundraiser, bringing in over $1200.
  • Graduated myself into Level 2 belly dance classes.
  • Made this long introspective list, intending to pass it off as valid and interesting web content.

So it’s not like I’ve been completely slacking. Just ignoring you… see?