the software is not a lie

It’s a good week for the poor cheap frugal geeks among us who are too terrified of the beautiful weather we finally have to go outside.

First, the Humble Indie Bundle got extended.  Five indie games (including the unbelievably awesome/addictive World of Goo) are on sale (and open source, if you care about such things) for however much you want to pay.  The proceeds are split between the developers and two worthwhile charities – The Electronic Frontier Foundation, and Child’s Play.

So, if you like to play PC games at all,  or you care about your digital rights at all, or you think that it would be nice for sick kids in hospitals to be able to play a game or two at all, you should head over the the site and pony up however much you think is appropriate.  But you should probably do it today, because there are less than 24 hours left in the event.  You can gift the download codes too…

Secondly, Valve has finally ported Steam to MacOS, and are celebrating by giving away the outstanding Portal (for both PC and Mac) for nothing at all.  This means that those of you out there who are obsessed with Companion Cubes, but don’t even really know what Companion Cubes are no longer have any excuse except to find out.

Also, I’d like some cake, plz.

for lack of a better place

This list of breweries in MN (via MNBeer) is interesting to me for a few different reasons:

  • The huge gulf between macro (Summit @ 82k) and micro (Surly @ 4k) breweries
  • The fact that Surly is the highest producing microbrewery in MN right now.
  • The fact that Crispin is apparently not brewed here.

Last weekend, Nerd 2 and I ventured to the Minneapolis Farmer’s Market.  I mainly wanted to see what I could find for fresh veggies, but Nerd 2 was determined to jump the gun and buy tomato and pepper plants, which he insisted on planting ASAP, of course.

Tonight, they are forecasting up to three inches of snow for our section of Hedoburbia.

It’s a good thing that the epic Friends School Plant Sale is this weekend, so the long, slow, road to recovery can begin.