you can’t have my bass!

I can’t really put my finger on what it so funny about Literal Music Videos. I think a good part of it is that they usually seem to parody 80s music, and the thing that makes 80s music so awesome is that it is, in and of itself, so hilariously bad.

Anyways, if you’ve been on these here internets for any time at all, then I’m sure that you’ve seen at least one of Dusto McNeato’s seminal works in this genre.  What I didn’t realize is that others have followed his example and continued to blaze the path.

I have to admit being initially conflicted about this video. Seperate Ways is, of course, the superior Journey single. And its video does leave a lot to be spoofed. But the spoofer in this case? Cannot sing. And definitely cannot sing like Steve Perry (no one can really) so it hurts a little — until you start singing along (I dare you to try not to) and get caught up in the funny… of which there is much.

So, consider yourself forewarned when you experience the following:


Well, the one good thing about being in a bloggy kinda mood this week is that I was relatively quick in noticing that Dreamhost suspended my account at midnight yesterday evening (so what if I hadn’t paid them since my CC expired last November)… Remember kids, abuse of email filters can by a dangerous thing.

In other news, those of you who follow me on the Twitter, or know me well enough to find me on facespace, already know that that 60lb mystery I was wondering about was one of these.  So it looks like I’ll be kegging before I start all-grain brewing after all.

Given that I’ve got everything I need to store, carbonate, and serve beer, the next step is to figure out how to serve it at a temperature that people will actually want to drink.  Beyond keeping a 25gal bucket full of ice at all times, my choices are a draft box, to chill the beer in real-time, or a fridge+taps (kegerator), to keep the beer at the appropriate temperature all the time.

The draft box is nice for the portability aspect (can you say “camping” boys and girls?), but the kegerator offers the advantage of being useable for lagering beers (which opens up the other half of the beer style world for me to play with). Also, the idea of a semi-permanent fixture like this in my basement is providing me with lots of other inspiration to do something awesome with the massive open space in my basement (can you say “Steampunk Bar + Home Theater” boys and girls?).  Add in the possibilities for a fun (and accessible for me) DIY project (take 1 fridge and/or chest freezer, drill appropriate holes, profit!), and a kegerator seems like the way to go.

Finding appropriate cooling units on craigslist is proving to be pretty fruitless.  Ads tend not to have pictures, or list useable internal dimentions (8 cu. ft. is not useful to me if it’s only 2 ft high inside).  Ideally, I’d like a standard chest freezer (not like the fridge-style one I’ve got in the garage), because then I can make/buy a tower to mount on top of it, and the surface of the unit can act as a general bar space (until a proper bar is built around it).  Something like this would be a great first attempt I think.  Something like this would be awesome for extra credit.

If I don’t find something used and not gross for a good price soon, I might just buy the bullet and buy new (though my kitchen might just get jealous if I don’t buy it a new fridge first).


Note to self: you don’t go 2+ weeks of skipping workouts without it hurting when you get back.  Even if you deload.  So don’t let it happen again.

I let vacation, weather, stress, sprained ankles and general ennui get in the way of working out for a while and missed about 6 workouts.  I remember now why it’s so easy to give up the gym habit… every workout missed just makes the next one seem like it will be so much harder.  I was tempted to let things slide yesterday too, but I realized that it I missed another day, I probably wouldn’t be back for a while.  My reward for getting out of rut? DOMS (not the sexy kind), and the smug sense that I do have some willpower after all.

I’ve decided that I need to add some other activity to my regular exercise program besides just lifting, I just need to decide what and when. The biggest obstacles I have right now are:

  • I despise most cardio for cardio’s sake
  • I love the off days that are imposed on you when you do full body strength-training workouts, and the thought of having to work out on these “rest” days makes me sad, but I’m usually too drained post-lifting to do 30 mins of running or swimming or whatnot.
  • Outdoor activities which are fun enough to interest me (walking, rollerblading, biking), are easy for me to talk myself out of: the weather’s crappy, or if it is nice, maybe I should be doing something else (yardwork, riding the motorcycling, lying in the hammock drinking beer, etc).

I had some luck with swimming on off days, but got mega turned off 3 weeks ago or so when I noticed something unidentifiable floating in the pool — yes, I know the cholrine should have rendered it inert, yes, I know that once it got to the filter intakes it would be sucked away and never seen again.  But it got really close to my FACE. ew.

Anyways, I’ve started to look into the class schedules at the 3 branches of my gym that are within easy reach of work/home and maybe I’ll try Mat Pilates or BodyWorks or something cheesy like that some Thursday.  I’m also considering signing up for a class at the Cassandra school, since their summer session starts up soon-ish, and belly-dancing seems silly enough to keep my attention, and has some intriguingly rumoured benefits about which I have some curiousity.

Any of you guys doing structured, scheduled fitness activities that you find fun?

status update

The thing about having a week off, is sometimes it takes you about 6 and a half days to realize that you need another week off.

Stupid “milestones” and “project delivery dates”, you’re getting in the way of the perfect summer, dontcha know?

I could look backwards and tell you all about the royal mountain, and OHMYGODTHECROISSANTS, and the team boobylicious silent auction, and OHMYGODTHEWINDCHIMES, and game night, and jokur’s belated birthday, and just enough yardwork and green garlic & cheese quesidillas, etc. but where’s the fun in that?

Let’s look ahead, shall we?

Tomorrow’s knitting, followed by dessert & adult beverages at Zeno.  Can’t complain about that at all.

Apparently, I should be expecting a 60lb-ish mystery package sometime soon.  Supposedly, it’s not a kegerator, yet it belongs in the basement.  Nerd 2 wants to give me more hints, but I really just want to be surprised.

At some point in the next week or so, I need to dig my teeth into BESM, Third Edition.  Yes. It’s a table top RPG. Which is pan-genre anime-based. And Delobius is GMing. I feel like a scared 17 year-0ld school girl, all over again.

I started on my 2009 State Fair project.  I’m going to keep it relatively under wraps until I’m sure that I actually finish on time (the going is slow with this one).  Even if I don’t win another ribbon this year, I’m super excited about this project, and can’t wait to show off the finished object this winter.

I found the first modification that I’d like to make to Beauty. Cosmetic, yes, but also a safety feature when you consider how hard my current turn signals are to see.

And finally, I’ve decided that more of my monday evening’s in future need to involve New Holland’s Dragon’s Milk. Oak and Vanilla, chocolate and smoke. An ABV that would make it illegal in several states. I found it at Tournament Liquor, but I’m willing to betcha that Alvey has it too.