bonjour, au revoir!

Sometimes, I don’t post for a while because there isn’t all that much going on.

Sometimes, I don’t post because there is too much going on an I don’t have time to digest it all.

The past week or so has been the latter — items of note:

  • Hot on the heels of my concern over the emerald ash borer making a push into Minnesota, my ash tree decided to drop a large portion of itself on the neighbour’s garage.
  • I took Beauty out on the freeway for the first time — note to self: consider wind speeds when looking at the weather forecast to decide if you want to ride or not.
  • The Draft Party — I used a great many words in the lead up to this event. I don’t think I have any left that can suitably describe it.
  • Camping! Sadly, I had to leave after only one night, but I called in a substitution in the form of Nerd 2’s somewhat over-caffeinated brother, so I’m sure the awesome is continuing in my absence.

Right now, I’m waiting out the last 20 minutes or so before I head to the airport to see my sister’s graduation.  Hopefully, Quebec won’t be too angry at me for all those franco jokes that I made in french class.

it could be worse

I could be having as bad of a week as this guy.

It’s been a long time since I’ve watched a music video that scared me.

Music video Mondays are likely to remain a rare breed going forward, as HedoCorp has seen fit to block the youtubes, and so my prime blog-researching time must now be spent… working.

it must be spring

Because suddenly, everyone in Minnesota wants to do, something.

Here’s a list of just some of the events that I know are happening tomorrow, May 2nd:

  • St. Paul Craftstravaganza – State Fairgrounds Fine Arts Building- you know me and craft sales, I’m definitely going to try to hit this.
  • Living Green Expo – State Fairgrounds Grandstand Building – admittedly, this runs through Sunday as well but if it makes sense to combine it and the craft sale into one trip, especially since this is all about being environmental and stuff.
  • Free Comic Book Day – The Source, Big Brain, etc – Comic books, first one’s free… The Source usually has a lot of fun with this day (I seem to remember cake and costumes), and if you are going to the fairgrounds for Craftstravaganza and Living Green, you might as well go the extra half mile up Snelling and hang with the nerds.
  • Art in Bloom – Minneapolis Institute of Art – On now through Sunday, and exhibition of floral arrangement inspired by pieces in the museum’s collection.  Sounds interesting, I’ll probably skip it this year.

The weather looks like it will be decent this weekend… so whatever you plan on doing… GO OUTSIDE!