it’s monday!

You know what that means? It’s time for a surprisingly awesome music video!

My first instinct for this week was to post Limahl’s video for The Neverending Story. The music is 80’s at its worst(best?) the hair is improbable, and dude didn’t even shave the day of the shoot. It also would have made certain readers of this blog squee…because hey…Neverending Story.

But, as I went to listen to it again, I realized that perhaps Limahl’s days as king of the fantasy-movie-pop-video hill are numbered. A new challenger has been floating around the internet the past couple of months or so (and, apparently embedding itself in my brain).

When I first encountered this video, it was being mocked, and rightly so, because it is terrible. Imagine if Gob, the magician dude from Arrested Development watched The Princess Bride too many times, and then somehow managed to embezzle enough money to put together a music video. And he teamed up with Limahl and Wolfgang Peterson to do it. And maybe Uwe Boll helped.

For some reason though, it grows on me with every viewing. Is it the music? The wind effects when he’s in “singer mode”? The unfortunate facial hair when he’s not? The sweeping vistas are probably straight out of iStockVideography? The attempt to recreate almost every cliche in the fantasy genre? Why don’t you decide?

Ladies and Gents, I give you Chris Dane Owen’s SHINE ON ME (caps are not mine).

Apparently this is the first of a trilogy. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

and no, i haven’t forgotten

Here’s round two of Surprisingly Awesome Music Video Mondays:

Last week’s entry truly was surprising in its awesomeness (I have a limited amount of patience for the “twee-ness” – for lack of a better word – of bands like The Bird and the Bee, and that “sexy girl looks sexier when she stares at the camera in an emotionless fashion while she performs” thing doesn’t work so well on me).

This week, on the other hand features a band: Muse, and a track: Knights of Cydonia which is much more up my general musical alley. I guess the surprise here comes from the fact that for a fairly emo band (Thoughts of a Dying Atheist, anyone?) they are liked by a bunch of my friends who are pretty much the opposite of emo. The awesome here comes from the combination of cowboys, lasers, mustaches, robots, kung fu, Mars, and wicked guitar riffs that really can only add up to one of the greatest videos of all time.

It almost makes up for the Guitar Hero related neuroses that the song brings out in me — Damn you Galloping Triplets! DAMN YOU TO HELL.

wheeee weekend!

This weekend was all about screwed up sleep schedules and startling efficiency.

For starters, I crashed at about 10:30pm on Friday night, which is not like me at all. I usually turn into a small child on weekend evenings — crankily refusing to admit that I’m tired, desperately pushing to stay up as last as possible because I don’t have a bedtime dammit! — and it usually works, I’ll hit a second wind around 11 or so, and I can say up until 2 or 3am without feeling too out of it. But this Friday my body wasn’t having any of it, and when I was too sleepy to play videogames before 11, I decided to call it quits early.

Saturday dawned bright and sunny and after about 10 hours of sleep, I got up to check on work stuff, and kick off my download of the Battlestar Galactica finale. (2 Second Review: I’m glad it’s over). TV watched (and mind totally frakked) I procrastinated about actually going into work by extracting Beauty (my SV650) from her winter home at the back of the garage and taking some time to remember how to start her.

I went on a super quick ride around the block, just to get the feel of things, but I knew that I’d feel guilty doing too much riding when I still needed to go to work/get a workout in. So the bike got parked, and I drove into work (wherein heroics were performed), drove to the gym (wherein I was confused by the layout of the Roseville LA Fitness), and then rewarded myself with a roast beef sammich from Maverick’s (which I was maybe a little too shaky to actually enjoy). Note to self: maybe lifting weights on an empty stomach is not the best of ideas.

After the necessities were taken care of — BSG, work, fitness, food — I headed to Northern Brewer in search of ingredients for a new batch of beer (since I bottled my last batch in December, and I’m running dangerously low). I went with the Scottish – 80 kit, since I’m currently on the hunt for a base recipe for the Chez TPH “house beer”. Ideally, a session beer with a little bit of flavour interest, and just enough kick to remind you that you’re drinking with a pro. The last batch I did was a recipe adapted from Palmer’s How to Brew (Lord Crouchback’s Special Bitter) which was definitely a contender for the title, but I’d like to try something different. Which ever recipe I do end up perfecting for the house beer will probably end up being what I start kegging, whereas the “specialty” beer experiments (like the Sleepytime Porter) will stay in bottles (the better for cellaring and giving as gifts).

After NB, I still had daylight on my side so I decided that instead of brewing right away, I’d take the bike out for a real ride. I’m still afraid of the freeway (Morpheus always told me to stay off the freeway. Said it was suicide), but there is a road near me with a 55mph speed limit and some serious corners, that just happens to lead to Nerd 2’s parent’s place so I decided I should visit. I made it there and back in one piece (and without any of the palm sized kittens in residence there ending up in one of my saddlebags…it was tempting). And celebrated by falling asleep. At 8:30.

12 hours later, lunch and Watchmen watching were the primary orders of business for Sunday. After which there was laundry and Netflix and knitting, and I managed to say awake until 11. So I might be back to normal again. At the very least, I’m back to work.

never say when, never stop at plenty

The progression of plastic fake instruments that one must own in order to Unleash The Fundamental Awesomeness of each version of the Guitar Hero/Rock Band has advanced another step:

  • First, fake guitar
  • Then another fake guitar (so you can play BASS!)
  • Then Rock Band showed up and suddenly it’s impossible to be a proper fake band without drums and a USB microphone.

At this point, I pretty much figured that they were done. I mean, unless they wanted to add a keyboard or something. Little did I know though, that if you want to be as truly uber as one Lars Ulrich you need _two_ bass drums. And therefore, Activision will be happy to sell you another bass pedal. (or you could be a sucker and pre-order it from GameStop).

suprisingly awesome music video monday

The first in a series of at least two (since right now, I can only think of one other one to post).

I can’t remember which blog it was that originally pointed me at this video, “Love Letter to Japan” by The Bird and the Bee, but the description mentioned something along the lines of “DDR love affair” and I was intrigued enough to watch it (and was glad that I did).  I promptly forgot about for a week or so, until I heard this song playing at Jen’s birthday party, and was reminded about how much this video (and now the song) made me smile.

So, here you go:


do want

apropos of nothing

How have I never heard about the Department of Health and Human Services’ Household Products Database before?

This is going to make my household chemistry experiments this summer so much easier.

Also unrelated: I plan on going to a MN Home Brewer’s Association meeting this Saturday. This is going to involve meeting lots of strangers… what do you think the chances are that I’ll actually go through with it?