the dichotomy of weekends

So, tonight, I’m heading to the 50th birthday party of a co-worker. No drinking allowed, but it’s entirely possible that I’ll be up way too late playing Killer Bunnies or Munchkin.

Tomorrow, I’ll be attending the housewarming party of a couple of my BFFs.  Jello shot salad is on the menu, and it’s entirely possible that I’ll be the only person there who has even heard of Steve Jackson.

And I’m ok with that.

p.s. given the recent newsworthy comic relief (day 1 ballot 5), what would you guys do if you happened to own a domain like, say,

you might be a geek when…

This trailer for Baby Trek gives you goosebumps.

DAMN YOU J.J. ABRAMS! I do not want to be excited for this!!!!

and nerd 2, you have earned the new puppy that will be waiting for you when you get home

thanks borders!

By not shipping the James Bond Ultimate DVD Collection that I ordered on September 14th, you forced me to wait until Amazon had the same set on sale for $90, which is just over half of what I was going to pay you (even after the 40% off coupon). Plus, since I ordered from Amazon, I got to use some gift certificates that I had, so I’m really getting 42 discs of hot british spy action for free.

So, you deprived me of my shaken-not-stirred loving for the past two months, but now I’ve got an extra $160 to spend on gin, vodka, and a half measure of Lillet Blanc.

just what i needed

The time change of a couple of weeks ago seems to have reminded Old Man Winter that the time has come to make Minnesota a cold and dreary place to be.  I was in desperate need of some sunshine and heat, so I went to Florida.

I was starting to feel a little nerd withdrawal, with only the cats to celebrate with me when I maxed out my wow character, so I went to Florida to visit Nerd 2.

Weather, work, and injury have conspired against me spending as much time on my motorcycle as I had hoped this fall, so I went to Florida to visit Nerd 2 and ride rollercoasters.

Recent economic news has made me even more of a cheapskate than usual, so I went to Florida to visit Nerd 2 and ride rollercoasters at Busch Gardens where army nerds (and their plus ones) get in for free and everyone gets free beer).

Which, really, is not such a bad way to spend a long weekend.

Oh, and just in case anyone is counting? 15 days.

a food pairing dilemma

What’s more appropriate with pancakes-for-dinner? Red wine, or homebrewed bourbon barrel porter?

I went with the latter, I hope I’m not offending anyone who actually knows about this sort of thing.

Let’s see, Friday night I had people over for Hallowe’en, and as much as my broken brain was all angsty about calling it a “party”, I’m pretty sure a good time was had by all. Thanks to all that showed up to geekrock out, and extra thanks to delobius, for bringing over Rock Band 2 (and appropriate accessories) so that we could do a little back to back comparison of the two games.

On Saturday, I took a yarn dyeing class at the Textile Center with Amber. I’m not so sure how I feel about the colours I ended up choosing for my skeins, but I am pretty sure that I’m more likely to stick with dyeing as a secondary hobby than spinning. Oh, and a quick aside: Dear Old White People, I don’t care how interesting, beautiful, or unique you think my full name is — I have zero interest in teaching you how to pronounce it properly, and it is hard for me to restrain my rage when I hear you murder it. I give you a short, easy, two syllable name to refer to me by for a reason. Please respect that.

Anyways, I managed not to smack a bitch during class, but I really wanted to at Roy Wilkins Saturday evening when I realized that the Beastie Boys/Tenacious D/Ben Harper get out the vote show managed to violate all the basic heuristics of show timing by #1 starting _right_ on time, and #2 having one of the 2 awesome acts play first (i.e. before the one sucky act). So we missed Tenacious D, but I did manage to cross the Beastie Boys off of my list of acts-from-undergrad-that-i-should-see-live-one-day.

Sunday, I moved as little as possible (which was good, because the fact that your knee is sprained doesn’t mean that the rest of your body won’t try to dance when certain songs *cough*bodymovin*cough* are performed), and today, I’m mourning the days when I could leave work at 5:30 and it would still be light outside.

Farewell sunshine — I’ll see you sometime after the solstice!