is this thing on?

Nerd 2 says that I should post here more often…perhaps he is right.

I did end up finding a motorcycle that a liked with the help of Craig and his list, and The Unnamed Suzuki and I have been spending some time getting to know each other. She’s even had her first $200 service… I guess it won’t hurt to read up a bit on motorcycle maintenance this winter (no, this does not count).

Went to a LAN Party on Saturday (in a freakin’ hanger), and again got the urge to quit my day job and open up an internet cafe/gaming lounge type of establishment (because hey, if you give nerds computers, games, food and energy drinks, they will give you money for doing almost zero work).  It looks like I’d have a few competitors, but the market is far less saturated than that of, say, yarn stores, and I’d probably needed less $$ for inventory.

I’ve been up to all sorts of other mischief since we last spoke (camping, 3day, yardwork, etc) but maybe those can be posts for another day…