things not to do on a sunday…

  1. Eat ice cream
  2. Take the lord’s name in vain
  3. Go motorcycle shopping

I didn’t do the first yesterday, as I was still pretty full from the 8 hour graze fest that was Saturday’s BBQ. The second is something I do on a regular basis, so I’m pretty sure I got my fill of that. And #3, while not a complete failure, was not as productive as it could have been, thanks to both Motoprimo and Sportwheels being closed (not that we bothered to look that up or call before driving to Lakeville and Jordan).

The day was not a complete waste however, because Lee’s South was open, and I was able to get a feel for a few bikes, and I think I can now narrow my search for The New Toy down to either the Suzuki SV650 or the GS500 (clickey here for magic comparison technologies!). Preferably, I’d like to find one of these used, but they seem to be the type of bikes that people are holding on to, so I might just bite the bullet an pay the $5200 MSRP for the GS500. These are the only two bikes that I’ve really seen that marry my desire for a sporty look with my need to have a bike that will be comfortable for my not-little-girl-sized frame.

This coming Saturday, is my company’s official state fair day, during which I will walk around wearing a fugly t-shirt in the hope of winning at $50 amazon gift certificate, but afterwards, the search for The New Toy shall continue…

more hours in the day, please?

I know it’s cliche, but it pretty much describes the way I’ve felt of late.  Here’s a list of things that I’d like to get done this week, for example:

  • go motorcycle shopping
  • brew another batch of beer
  • bake cookies
  • get the house ready for a barbeque this weekend
  • buy and prep food for same
  • organize the pictures from my trip to the south
  • finish watching twin peaks
  • knit for more than an hour at a time
  • write a decent article on my experiences with homebrewing so far

Needless to say, some prioritization has been occurring, and 2, maybe 3 of those things will actually get accomplished, but it’s nice to get them written out, so I have something to refer to in my copious free time.

a new contender

This chocolate chip cookie recipe from the New York Times seems to be getting a lot of play on this particular series of tubes lately, and I’m curious to try it.

A few things about it that interest me:

  • first, the mix of cake flour and bread flour is interesting to me… it seems like you should be able to get the same gluten ratio (which is I assume what they are trying to fiddle with here) by using all-purpose flour and adding cornstarch.
  • the 24hr chill is something I’ve heard recommended for all cookie recipes, even the sub-standard Toll House.
  • I like that it is sized for big-assed cookies, though I wonder how it will bake up for the smaller cookies (tablespoon sized drops) that I usually go with.
  • I condone their use of bittersweet chocolate — what is the point of putting milk chocolate in cookies that you are going to eat with a glass of milk anyways, I ask you?
  • sprinkling with sea salt == sweet + salty == brilliant!

I won’t guarantee that I’ll get around to trying these out this weekend (I’m learning how to splatter my brains across the pavement ride a motorcycle) but I’ll let you know as soon as I do. And if you’ve already tried this recipe, please let me know what you think!