the best idea i’ve heard all summer

I’m not sure what it is about me and cockamamie yard care schemes that involve fire, but I can’t help but feel, deep down inside, that I desperately need a weed torch to help me deal with the depressing state of my driveway right now.

Or, I could just cover the driveway in kerosene and drop a match.

We’ll see…

happy canada day!

Today is the day that the spirit of Tim Horton rides down the 401 in a ghostly De Tomaso Pantera and hands out beer, doughnuts and coffees (large, double double) to his devotees all across the bestest country ever.

I can’t meet up with Timmy on his magical ride this year, but I can help to spread the goodwill spirit. This year, I bestow upon you some useful cheat codes for those of us who don’t have 2 guitars with which to unlock Guitar Hero III’s deepest darkest secrets. I haven’t tried this myself yet – I’ll post later this week and let you know how they work.

A quick edit, to add a link to another little bit of happy.