please note the lack of vegetables So, the sun might have gone away by the time we got home with the charcoal, and this wind might have been a touch biting, but godsdammit it is grilling season.


If I never have to sing Gimme Shelter in Rock Band again, it will be too soon. Ditto for Next To You…wtf Sting?

In happier news, it seems like the Republicans are not impressed with our wussy 2am last call, and are pushing to get it pushed to 4am during the convention this summer. I am all for this (though it would be better if it would be metro wide, and not just within a 10 mile radius), and I totally intend on taking advantage of this – even if it does mean drinking with social conservatives.

This weekend I hope to finally get around to doing my taxes, and maybe even start some seeds (since it’s almost yard work weather). What are you guys up to?

the good news

is that Harmonix is finally releasing Rock Band for the Wii.

The bad news… is that it’s not going to be around until the end of June (by which time I’m pretty sure I’m going to be bored with it), and it’s probably going to be a port of the PS2 version (so no world tour or other downloadable content).

LAME. Maybe I should just buy a PS3 after all.
And btw — if I know you, and I loaned you my copy of Super Paper Mario — could you let me know?