go outside.

Dudes, the earth is going to totally smother the moon with it’s shadow tonight.

This is the last total lunar eclipse that will be visible from north america until 2010.  So do try to look up around 8:30-9ish (CST) tonight.

Lot’s of great links with more info can be found over at The Bad Astronomer.

at least i didn’t give them my credit card

I don’t mean to cause any unnecessary alarm, but I might be in trouble.

You see, something…happened…this past weekend. Something that I’ve been trying to avoid for quite some time. Something I’m not proud of. Something that I know in my soul is wrong and dirty and the first step down the path to madness. Something that I never, ever should have done.

It’s true, the whole weekend was full of potentially dangerous activities. But I had survived the 12 course Chinese New Year foodgasm at Peninsula on Friday — with flying colours even — the food (and company, of course) was excellent. Even the two hours of Rock Band that I’d subjected myself to afterwards left me unscathed.

On Saturday, I was reckless enough to brave the weekend Mall of America crowds in order to partake in knitting geekery – but no pointy sticks or acrylic skeins got their hooks into me. My cocksure assault on Grand Ave at midday also failed to generate casualties, and my tickets to see a true Canadian hero perform were successfully secured. Maybe it was then that I started to let my guard down? The fact that tequila, even if it was the irreproachable Patron Anejo, was my chosen libation for the evening would seem to attest to the fact that my defenses against Very Bad Ideas were weakened.

It wasn’t until Sunday when the real breakdown in reason began. Too much time trying to beat Super Samurai on basic. Too many star bits forcefed to too many bulimic Lumas. Can I really use these horrors as my excuse? No — what I’ve done was inexcusable. My only salvation now lies here, in this digital confessional, and in you, its readers. I must come clean, repent, lay bare my shame… but how?

How can one regain trust in herself after she has created a character in World of Warcraft, played it through multiple levels, and LIKED IT?


Yeah, Amber put it best in her comment on yesterday’s post. Nothing really would have been adequate preparation for the trippy-dippy adaptation of Peer Gynt that we saw yesterday. I’m fairly certain that I grokked it. I’ll even go as far as to say that I think I liked it (even with distracting floor-moving action). Would I recommend this particular production of this particular play? I don’t know yet…I sort of need to ponder it a little more.

This weekend, my goals include:

  • Getting my financial house in order: bills, budget, plus tax return if I get ambitious (prudent)
  • Playing a lot of DDR (hedonistic)
  • Not leaving the house on Saturday (logical, given the forecast – anytime the NWS shows the high for the day with a little down arrow next to it, I like to stay indoors).
  • Finding a use for the copious amounts of leftover frosting I have from last weekend’s aborted cupcake experiment (probably messy).

the play’s the thing

My trusty sidekick and I have tickets to see Peer Gynt at the Guthrie this evening. If you ever find yourself with a couple hundred bucks that you want to treat yourself with, I’d definitely recommend a subscription to the Guth, or any other local theater company. There is something that seems so, I don’t know…posh, about seeing live theater, and as much as I usually enjoy it, I don’t normally splurge on it because I hate the planning and the ticket buying and the seat choosing, and it’s so easy to talk myself out of not spending the money (even when it’s not very much money). So having a subscription where you know six months in advance what you are going to see and when is awfully nice.

One thing I always struggle with when seeing any kind of live drama is how much I should “study up” before going. On the one hand, I dislike spoilers, and I like to experience a story for the first time as it’s acted out in front of me. But on the other hand, when I don’t have at least a general clue of what’s going on, I don’t tend to appreciate the work as much (Carmina Burana and Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake — I’m looking at you). I’m sure I probably read Peer Gynt in grade 7 because Mrs. Pfaff told us to, and I’m also sure I didn’t like it (Ibsen generally got on my nerves a lot back then). I’ll probably read a plot synopsis before tonight, but then again with how work is going, maybe not.

BTW, it’s the lunar new year today, so gong hei fat choi motherfuckers! Does the fact that this is the year of the rat mean that another republican will win the general election in November?