who says 10 straight hours of video games are bad for you?

It’s fall, which means that party season amongst my circle of friends is starting to pick up. Yesterday’s LAN Party was a big success, even if I lost the bottle rocket war with the neighbours; the 612 Party is coming up on October 19th – be there or be square; and the 6th Annual All Hallow’s Eve Extravaganza is set for Saturday October 27th.

I was thinking of having another Canadian Thanksgiving potluck on the 7th, but a visit from Electric Six, and Nerd 2’s prior commitments look like they are getting in the way of that.

Today was supposed to be uber-productive in the realms of bill paying and general life organization but staying up until 0430ish didn’t really help matters. I eventually woke up around 2:30 this afternoon but haven’t really had the motivation to do much besides watch Idiocracy and nibble on leftover snacks. Maybe I should take the day off tomorrow?

done in by macro

Like Deb over at Smitten Kitchen, I’ve never really understood the appeal of Red Velvet Cake. Something about a dessert that gets it’s name and most distinctive feature from food colouring seems has always seemed somewhat gross. Why would I make something that seems so obviously processed in my kitchen?

Well, that Deb is tricky, and has used her food porn producing ways to convince me that maybe RVC is worth a try. I think I’ll make one with food colouring and one without, and see which one people like better. Actually, if I serve it under the blacklights at Nerdapallooza II in a week or so, maybe no one will be able to tell.


Nothing dramatic (no nerd on nerd violence yet, nor am I disowned by my family or anything like that), just schedule related.

For example:

  • September 14th: Chooglin’ @ The Entry vs. Finger Eleven @ Station 4. I think that between my patriotic streak (F11 is based in Burlington, ON) and my curiosity about Station 4 as a venue I’ll be heading east of the river this Friday.
  • September 21-22nd: Minnesota Music Festival vs. Camping avec homies. Bros before Hoes yo.
  • September 29th: Nerdapalooza II vs. Autumn Brew Review. This edition of Nerdapalooza involves a trip to the Renaissance Festival followed by a LAN/Wii/bonfire party at chez TPH. If it was just the party, I could fit in ABR, ditto if it was just Renfest.
  • October 6-7th: Electric Six or Zombie Pub Crawl vs. Canadian Thanksgiving: Given Nerdfest the week before, and Hallowe’en not to long after, I don’t need to be hosting the potluck again this year, but it would be fun.
  • November 1st: Gogol Bordello @ First Ave vs. The Hold Steady @ State. I think I’m leaning towards GB because #1: I haven’t seen them before, and #2: Dancing at First Ave > Sitting at the State Theater.

It’s not that I can’t handle them, it’s just interesting how everything seems to try to get packed into the same weekends (or Thursday evenings for that matter).

How’s your Fall looking?

more than meets the eye

I may have found a venue in the Twin Cities with an even deader crowd than the Turf Club. Watching the Alarmists in the Ruins Courtyard as part of Mill City Live last night was both an exhilarating (my crush on Eric Lovold continues to deepen) and frustrating (My God, it’s full of hipsters!) experience. Come on people. This is a rock band you’re listening to, and a pretty good one at that. Stand up and dance a little. *grumble*

Before the show, I checked out the Stitch in Time sale at Grumpy’s down the street. Again, Twin Cities, I know that we can do better. While what I did see on display was creative and high quality, the selection was limited and the venue less than ideal (I appreciate Grumpy’s generosity in the donation of the space, but next time, can we get a room with a reasonable level of overhead lighting? Trying to choose earrings in the dark is a little frustrating).

In happier news, an extended cut of Transformers will be playing at IMAX theaters around the country (and in Apple Valley) starting on September 21st. My first viewing of Transformers involved booze and BBQ at the drive-in, which was in some ways ideal, but our distance from the screen and lack of surround sound meant that I wasn’t completely immersed in the actionpr0n. In a couple of weeks, I intend to experience the mechagasm that Mr. Bay worked so hard to give us.

The army is taking Nerd 2 for the weekend which works out pretty well since there’s a good chance that I’m going to be quarantined for the next few days (I’m confirming with the doctors this afternoon). I keep picturing myself as the mad woman in the attic, locked away for the good of society…did I mention that Amber and I have tickets to see Jane Eyre?

for great justice

I had a lot to say about this weekend including, but not limited to: the impracticality of using skype as a cell phone replacement, the MN State Fair, hanging out with delobi.us, the majesty that is Godzilla:Final Wars, good chinese food and sad goodbyes, but I think that all of it is eclipsed by the fact that I found these cookies at the Rainbow Foods in Blaine.

The Canadians among us will understand my excitement.