holes in the house

It’s finally happening.

I’m at home today and tomorrow supervising the install of a new set of windows in my house. All of the “normal” windows were in within an hour and a half of truck showing up this morning. They are focusing on the big ones now – the patio door is almost finished, and the frame for the bay window is built. I’m still annoyed that it took me 3 years to get around to doing this, but I’m impressed by how fast and easily this is coming together.

In other news, Nerd 2 and I finally had a weekend free to tackle some of the smaller projects around the house, and let’s just say that I can use my dining table again and this makes me very happy.

Last, but far from least, tomorrow at 4pm is when online bidding gets closed for the Team Boobylicious silent auction. There are a lot of really great items up for grabs including Joe Mauer autographed baseballs and homemade cheesecakes. You can check out all the items up for bidding here, and if you want to be extra sure to win your item, come join us at the send-off party/final bidding tomorrow at Hubert’s at 7!


That word pretty much sums up any week that starts with being a work on Sunday, followed by three days of project management training.  Hitting Space Aliens and Brunswick Zone XL for Amber’s birthday on Wednesday stopped the bleeding, thankfully – why I don’t play laser tag multiple times a week I’ll never know.

Thursday I spent finishing up items for the Team Boobylicious Silent Auction, and I have to say that most of the items being offered up by my fellow team mates are sort of putting me to shame.  Check it out, bid early and often (we’ll email you if you get out bid), and, if you want to be sure of getting that Cookie of the Month Club subscription, be a Hubert’s on August 16th for final bidding (and watching Wendy get her head shaved).

If you’re in town this weekend, consider checking out the Pizza Luce Block Party and the 35W Bridge Relief fundraiser at the Fine Line.  The Alarmists are playing at both shows, and I’ll probably be at one or both of them.

Lastly, Root Beer Float Cupcakes, drenched in root beer schnapps and topped with a gob of buttercream. How can you go wrong?

that time of year

Having the vast majority of my partners in crime away for the weekend means that sometimes I forget things. Luckily, I’m subscribed to approximately eleventy-billion local blogs, so I get reminded about things like the fact that Art Fair Weekend is happening tomorrow and Sunday.

Last year, I took advantage of the free transportation on the Target Art Hop to get to Loring Park, Uptown, and Powderhorn Park for their respective festivals, and I’m thinking of reprising that same route. I have to admit though, I wasn’t overly impressed with the offerings at Uptown – there wasn’t enough that was good and local there to really impress me. Then again, I did run out of vanilla last week, so a trip to Penzey’s will be in order anyways.

I’m also planning on giving into the urges that I’ve been meekly fighting off and making farmer’s market chili this weekend. Yes, I know it’s not the right time of the year for chili, but EVERYTHING is in season right now. And I wants it. I wants it all together in my crockpot bubbling away for hours and hours. *ahem*  So I’ll be hitting the farmer’s market first thing before hopping on the bus.

Looks like a busy Saturday!