hello rabbits

Since we last spoke, I have:

  • Seen the Alarmists & White Light Riot at First Ave
  • Attended Too Much Love at same (hopefully for the last time)
  • Witnessed the Aquatennial Fireworks (Oooh! Ah!)
  • Tailgated in the lot beside Sawatdee
  • Gone to a Twins game
  • Knitted at same
  • Finished HP7
  • Obtained a Dyson (DC07, full kit, much love)
  • Maybe not used the above as much as planned.
  • Decided that it’s never to late to pick up old hobbies (more details later, if anything ever comes of this)
  • Been walked out on by a roommate (not really, but kinda)
  • Triumphed at Keegan’s Pub Trivia
  • Given into my driver problems and salvaged an old RT8159 to achieve reliable network connectivity on the new box.
  • Registered for a First Aid/CPR course at the Red Cross
  • Scheduled the dates for the installation of my windows

I’m hoping that my next list will be somewhat less involved for two reasons: first, I hope to not go a week without posting, and secondly, besides pancakes tomorrow (which you should join me for) and various mischief on Sunday, I’m planning on having a pretty quiet week.

i hear there’s slots in vegas

I skipped the White Light Riot show at Mill City last night in favour of doing some housework and avoiding people. Not much housework got done (though I did test out the second breadmaker that mysteriously appeared in my house…It’s a Nerd 2 thing, I don’t get it either), but the people avoidance worked out exactly as planned: I got far more intoxicated than I should have after 1 bloody caesar and 1 margarita, which was probably for the best as it numbed the frustration of trying to get the onboard ethernet drivers on my new box to work. I’m almost to the point where I’m willing to just scavenge a PCI NIC from one of the other PCs in the house, and I would have done it already if my motherboard didn’t only have like 3 PCI slots — what if I decide I want a TV tuner, a modem, and a MIDI decoder? Then I’d be screwed.

Wednesday night, I joined the usual suspects at Liquor Lyle’s for a reunion of sorts (we haven’t all been together for a while). I pawned off some of my excessive zucchini production on the girls, who seemed grateful (and giggly…they were big zucchini’s) and discovered the extent to which even a minor case of the sniffles messes with my palette.

I tried my first Fat Tire a couple of weeks ago (I kind of had to since Nerd 1 has been constantly going on about it being “the only good beer” and how “you can only get it in Colorado” etc etc , and there’s been lots of hype about its recent return to the cities). At the time, the major “taste factor” that hit me was that toasted nut flavour (which, incidentally explains Nerd 1’s lust for it – he goes gaga over anything toasted – pine nuts, sesame seeds, etc). But when I ordered a bottle at Lyle’s (because I find their mixed drinks to be highly wanting, which is unfortunate from an establishment with “liquor” in the name), I couldn’t detect the nuttiness at all. In fact, it tasted very much like generic “beer”, nothing special about it at all. I’ve been fighting this cold for a while now, though since we did major battle on Saturday, it hasn’t been bothering me that much, but it’s obviously still there, and messing with my ability to enjoy good beer. Stupid germs.

This also makes me wonder about anything else I’ve tasted and dismissed while I’ve been in less than perfect health. It’s not that the beer tasted bad, it just tasted boring. And I’m no fan of boring beer. I guess I’m going to be giving certain breweries (namely Sierra Nevada and Summit) a second chance.

i like a man who knows where his towel is

On Friday Cin, Bill and I demonstrated perfect live show orchestration by: arriving at the Turf Club about 30 minutes before the doors opened, scoring a table so that drinks could be brought to us while we waited for Doomtree to start, moving up to the front of the stage during “intermission”, and rocking the fuck out to the second (and superior IMHO) half of the show.

Saturday was all about bowing down to the cold that I’d been fighting all week. I struggled for a while, but eventually realized the futility of attempting to do anything except nap for about 6 hours. After I allowed it to pass over me and through me, I managed to work up the strength to head to Target in search of pseudoephedrine. You know it’s bad when the pharmicist is commiserating with you as you hand over your idea.

Sunday, I gathered my strength and headed to the Magical Happy Place (IKEA) where multiple hundreds of dollars were spent on the previously mentioned cabinent fixtures, and a new filing cabinet…just cuz. When I got home, I decided that organizing my yarn stash was more important than assembling or tiling or installing anything. This may have been an incorrect choice, but at least I know what I’m making for Team Boobylicious’ silent auction.

Speaking of things that are boobylicious, what are you doing on Saturday, July 28th? What you should be doing is waking up early to attend Team Booby’s Pancake Breakfast at the Knollwood Applebee’s. Click here for more details and to RSVP!

the black caulk isn’t sanitary

I finally got around to trying Surly’s CynicAle last night, and let’s just say that if Omar Ansari wasn’t married… (actually, let’s not say it, it will just make things awkward).  It’s basically got everything that I love about Furious, but without the tongue-throttling, throat-ripping, nose-destroying 100 IBUs that leave you unable to taste anything lower on the Scoville scale than a scotch bonnet for the next several hours.  Their website promises that though it’s a limited release now, it will be coming back. Omar…you better not let me down…you know, a woman scorned and all that.

This weekend, I get to learn how to install tiles.  The installation of a glass block window in the main bathroom means that the interior trim came down as well leaving a good chunk of drywall exposed in my shower, which is obviously a bad thing.  The tiles I need are $0.14 a piece, meaning that I’ll need less than $4 in materials (well, plus grout and caulk and such), but apparently I’ll also need some magical device called a “tile cutter”, the cheapest of which was $20. Sigh.

do want.

coolshooters.jpgI’m actually surprised that I haven’t seen Cool Shooters in bars yet.

Probably a liability problem.

i’m gonna call this a trend

I verified tonight that the malfunctioning of my external hard drive was, in fact, due to the failure of the internal drive, as opposed to the enclosure (which I had hoped). This means that I’ve lost a good chunk of data spanning back to my high school days – this was supposed to be my backup drive, after all – and I’ve had my second ever failure of a personal hard drive, and guess what…it was a Maxtor.

Being a techie, I know many people who won’t purchase on HD brand or another because of previous reliability issues. For me, I always shied away from Maxtor (because of the death of my old 850mb – sniffle), but I know people who won’t use Seagate, or Western Digital either for similar reasons. I think it’s fair to say that when I’ve only had two drives fail on me, and they were both from the same manufacturer, maybe said company and I just don’t get along, so, no more Maxtors for me! When I went out to replace the drive last night (I’m building a new system) I ended up going with a Seagate SATA/300 because 1.) the price was right, and 2.) Seagate seems be the only one offering 5 year warranties on their retail drives. I’m still in the market for a reasonably inexpensive, high capacity EIDE drive, since I’ll need that portable backup up and running again.

drawers.jpgOn the pantry front, I’ve done a good job of not doing any shopping, and I’m slowly working my way through the pile that still lives on my kitchen table. I may have found a long-term organizational solution in the form of IKEA’s RATIONELL line of drawers. My plan is just to replace all of the shelves with them, maybe even attaching two of them to the top and bottom of the door to change it to a slide-out. We’ll see.

So, I may have cheated a little

By buying 8 pounds of buffalo product while in North Dakota on Sunday. But bison for $4 a pound? And I can has roasts? That’s not something I’m going to pass up.

I’m not sure that I’ll actually be making an inventory of everything I’ve got. The main reason is the fact that this picture is about 50% of was in that god foresaken cupboard, not to mention all the cereal on top of the fridge, and the contents of both freezers. I’m wishing now that I hadn’t sold that CueCat at the garage sale, because a bar code reader sure would come in handy right about now.IMG_0318_smaller.jpg.bmp

Now that I’ve got the cupboard empty, I’m realizing that just reorganizing it is not going to be enough, it needs to either be heavily modified or replaced. I’m thinking of buying something like this or this and modifying it to use my original doors so the kitchen continues to match. I’m sure if I try this, I’ll end up finding out that it’s a load bearing cabinet or something equally stupid, but I’m at my wits end here.