drink up me hearties

I hate going so long without posting, because it feels like I have too much to say and everything comes out jumbled and I miss the important points and it’s boring for you all to read anyways so I’m going to try to hit on a handful of quick points about the last few days.

Saw Pirates 3 on Thursday with Nerd 2. I had wanted to avoid the opening night insanity, but it was his birthday and he was unbelievably excited about it (he even turned down dinner at Origami). It was pretty much what I expected: zany, over-the-top, convoluted plot, characters that are really more like caricatures, etc. Good fun for sure, though I’d like to see 2 and 3 again on DVD so that I can understand what the heck really went on.

Friday, I headed out to Costco to buy supplies for camping at Interstate Park for the weekend. I was in charge of meat, and I think I did a pretty good job. Interstate Park is kind of funny to me, as I’ve driven past it dozens of times (Nerd 2’s grandparents live about 30 minutes north of there), but I’d never stepped foot inside. We had one of the group camp-sites which was great, because not only was there lots of room (we easily could have fit another 3-4 tents), we were isolated enough from the nearest sites that we could make as much noise as we wanted (as evidenced by the 2am KDWB dance party on Saturday night).

Gear-wise, this was my first time trying out my fancy new thermarest and pack. Even though we were car-camping, I did my best to fit all of the “essentials” in the pack, so that I could prove to myself that I could probably handle carrying everything I need on my back. The major things that didn’t go in were: sleeping bag (it’s place was taken by my massive beach towel), tent (there was no way that my 9′x7′ 6 pole 4 person tent was going to fit in the pack so I didn’t even try…I’m still in the market for a packable tent…I’ll probably check out REI’s scratch and dent sale for one), and food (really haven’t figured out how I’ll handle this yet). All in all, I’m pretty happy with it. Also, the thermarest proved that it was worth all of the angst that it caused me previously.

This week promises all sorts of new levels of crazy, mainly due to the fact that my house is in no way ready for a party on Saturday. It doesn’t help that I’ve got plans just about every evening this week, and Super Paper Mario is proving to be a tad bit addictive. At least I have Friday off.

you might have a problem when…

…you decide to make your next yardwork related purchase from Lowe’s, simply to avoid having the lady at the Home Depot check-out line think that you are some sort of junkie.  Seriously…I think 3 trips to home improvement stores in 24 hours may be somewhat less than healthy.
I poured kerosene down the stump on Sunday…I’m going to try lighting it during my birthday party on June 2nd, even though it will only have two weeks to soak in.  I figure that the worst that could happen is that it won’t burn out all the way, but at least it will be a start…kerosene is cheap.

Speaking of which, I’m throwing a party on June 2nd, and if you know where my house is, you’re invited (if you don’t know where my house is, and I think you’re cool, you might still be invited…email me with your email address).  The evite should be on its way out this afternoon.

the right tools

Though I haven’t been doing all that much cooking in my kitchen recently (charcoal grill + sunny afternoons, I <3 you) I did stumble across this NY Times article about stocking a no-frills kitchen via your local restaurant supply store, and since other people’s kitchens are on my mind at this moment, I figured I’d share.

I got most of my advice for buying kitchen supplies from Alton Brown’s Gear book, Anthony Bourdain spends a bit of time on what you need/don’t need in the deliciously funny Kitchen Confidential as well…you can’t really go wrong with advice like “A proper saute pan should cause serious head injury if brought down hard against someone’s skull. If you have any doubts about which will dent — the victim’s head or your pan — then throw that pan right in the trash”

I’m pretty happy with my kitchen gadget-wise right now (storage is becoming my main problem), but if I were shopping for new kitchen supplies, I would save the trips to William-Sonoma/Cooks of Crocus Hill/Kitchen Window for times when I simply wish to ogle, and do my actually business in the restaurant supply section of Costco, or maybe stop by Superior Products (if I could ever get there when they were open).

if i had a million dollars

look12_5big.jpgI’d buy the entire catalog over at Locher’s. Especially “You Suck” and “I don’t play nice”

There’s just something about the ridiculous girliness of the cuts and the embrodiery, coupled with the naughtiness of the text that actually has me excited about clothes for once.

in a pickle

Kool-aid Pickles: either the greatest, or the worst, idea ever.  I can’t wait to try them and decide for myself.

The fence is proving frustrating. Just got off of the phone with S., and at least one of the footings is going to need to be repoured.  Also, leveling the posts and nailing up the panels is not as easy of a one person job has he had predicted, so he’s going to need my help to get finished…except that I don’t have time.  Tonight, I’m going to go see Paul Van Dyke, and tomorrow I was hoping to head up to Hinckley and do some camping.

Speaking of camping – I’m having trouble deciding what I want to go with for a backpacking tent.  I’m currently leaning towards the Sierra Designs Sirius 3, since it is #1 cheap, and #2 roomy, and #3, not all that heavier than the 2 person I was looking at.  I worry that the 3 person is just too big, footprint-wise though for when/if I start doing solo trips.
Hopefully I get get Nerd1 to agree to be DD tonight…I hear The Myth pours some good drinks.

dear therm-a-rest and rei

Hi guys,

I love you guys. Thermy – you make wonderfully comfy sleeping pads that keep my soft parts warm and happy. REI, you provide me with the opportunity to purchase them. But can we talk for a second about the Pro-lite 4 self-inflating pads? First of all, let me state, that I love the women’s pads that are extra cushy right where I need them. I know it’s not just hype, I spent 20 minutes on the floor in the Roseville store yesterday trying them out, the girly pads are well, better. I do, however, have a couple of issues that I’d like to bring to the fore. First of all, do they have to be quite so, you know, pink? I almost didn’t even try out one of the “women’s” pads because the colour is so offensive. I know that generally pink is considered to be the “girl” colour, but by that logic, shouldn’t the “boy” pad be blue? Couldn’t you just make the girl pads black, or purple, or yellow, or green or any other colour than bright, gouge-my-eyes-out, pink? I still bought the stupid thing, if only because my hip parts were begging for the “extra insulation beneath my torso”, but I am seriously considering going at it with a black magic marker.

Next, lets talk size (REI – this is where your culpability comes in). Since the women’s large is the same size (72×20) as the men’s regular, why is it so much more expensive (and why, REI do you only have the regular sizes on sale, even though the women’s regular is really a small)? I consider myself to be about average height (width is another story, but I’m working on that, and I sleep on my side anyways so it doesn’t really matter), and the men’s regular pad fits me just fine. Logically speaking, the women’s regular should also fit me, while at the same time providing extra insulation under my torso…but alas, this is not the case. The women’s regular is 66×20 – which takes me from having an extra 2″ of room, to having my ankles dangle off the pad by 4″. For the sake of my toesies, I ended up buying the women’s large, even though I ended up paying $87 (after my 20% discount from $109) for the pad instead of $65 (because, as I mentioned above, only the regular was on sale). If I didn’t know any better, I’d say that this was some form of conspiracy against tall girls who like to be comfortable, but I’m sure you guys would never do anything like that.

Anyways, I just want you guys to know that not all girls like hot pink (most of us hate it, I believe), and no girl likes to be ripped off. So stop messing with the tall chicks…we are probably bigger than you.

kthxbye, your bff,


p.s. dear electric six (since I’m sure you guys are reading this as well),

I love every aspect of you. Especially Percussion World and Tait Nucleus’ hair. I even loved it when Mr. Valentine decided to lie down and perform calisthenics in the middle of Gay Bar.  I was a little disturbed by being instructed to travel to the future and fornicate with president Bush in his iron lung, but no matter. What’s really bugging me is that my ears are still ringing from the show on Friday, because your awesomeness distracted me from the fact that I maybe should have been wearing earplugs.  I hope that this does not interfere with our friendship in the future. LYLAS!

i think i’m going to be needing this

Found this cool online garden planner via curbly today. I can’t do any real planting in the back garden yet because the fence isn’t all the way up yet, but I hope to get started soon, so I should maybe commence with the planning, right?

There’s a lot going on this weekend – too much for me to even hope to keep up with, but here’s a brief synopsis:

Friday night – Electric Six at First Ave, then maybe taking Nerd 1 to a gay bar (because it would be the right thing to do).
Saturday – Arrive Oakdale at 8:30 am…someone owes me…big time. After the move, I’m hoping to fit in a trip to the Science Museum, as it’s the last weekend for the race exhibit. After SMM, maybe I’ll swing by Arborfest (though probably not, because $40 for beer when I’m too exhausted to really enjoy it seems a little pricey). Weather permitting, at dusk I will be at the drive-in, enjoying Nicolas Cage, Tobey Maguire, and Luke Wilson doing their respective things (ok, 2 out of 3 ain’t bad).

Sunday – Dim Sum somewhere. The plan was originally Jun Bo, but that seems to have been kaiboshed by people jumping the gun last week and going early, so it will probably be Yangtze. I haven’t had dim sum for a while, so I’m looking forward to this a lot. After lunch, I plan to wander down to REI and spend the dividend that has been burning a hole in my wallet (seriously…that thing is printed on cardstock). I’ve got my eye on this, or maybe, if I’m feeling spendy, this.

hey internets!

At least those portions of the internets whose tubes terminate in the twin cities area…

I find myself with an extra ticket to this Friday’s Electric Six show at First Ave, email me if you’re interested (tph at thisdomain), first come, first serve.