Yeah, Amber put it best in her comment on yesterday’s post. Nothing really would have been adequate preparation for the trippy-dippy adaptation of Peer Gynt that we saw yesterday. I’m fairly certain that I grokked it. I’ll even go as far as to say that I think I liked it (even with distracting floor-moving action). Would I recommend this particular production of this particular play? I don’t know yet…I sort of need to ponder it a little more.

This weekend, my goals include:

  • Getting my financial house in order: bills, budget, plus tax return if I get ambitious (prudent)
  • Playing a lot of DDR (hedonistic)
  • Not leaving the house on Saturday (logical, given the forecast – anytime the NWS shows the high for the day with a little down arrow next to it, I like to stay indoors).
  • Finding a use for the copious amounts of leftover frosting I have from last weekend’s aborted cupcake experiment (probably messy).

Of course, I will have totally forgotten about this by the spring…

Every fall since I purchased this house, I’ve thought to myself: Self, why don’t you go buy a snowthrower?

The frugal (read: cheapskate) side of me then kicks in and reminds me that fall is the worst time to buy a snowthrower (I should have done it in the spring), $300-700 is a little spendy for a tool that I’ll use a half a dozen times a year, and my LORD, how lazy can you be that you can’t pick up a shovel and spend 20 minutes clearing the driveway?  Think of the fossil fuels!  And the fact that you don’t get enough exercise anyways!  So, I don’t buy one.  It would be one thing if I had a sidewalk to keep clear so I had to have the snow removed promptly after a snowfall, but if it’s just the driveway, I can take my time and clear it when I really need to (i.e. when I run out of beer, or have to go to work).

A couple of times each winter, I end up looking out my living room window and rue my oh-so-very-righteous-at-the-time decision to clear my driveway with shovel power.  I was doing pretty good this winter – I’ve only had to shovel once that I remember, and that wasn’t even all that much snow.  I had thought, earlier this week, that my non-purchase of a snow blower was an excellent investment in the booze fund. Like I said, that was earlier this week.

As I watched the white stuff come down last night, I knew it was going to be bad. I looked out my back window this morning, and I can’t see the ring around my firepit in the backyard (I’m pretty sure it’s at least a foot high). That’s at least 12 inches of snow, a good chunk of which is sleet covering a layer of ice.  NWS is telling me to expect another 2-4 inches today (even though it looks beautiful out right now).  I still need to finish prepping at least 4 dishes for the party, and the house is desparately begging to be vacuumed, and, since there will maybe be people coming over (hard to say how many will actually make it), I need to have the driveway cleared by 5.  Sigh.  At least I have roommates ;)

I need to find my old statistics textbook

No, seriously.  Something about probabilities has always turned me on.  And as much as I don’t generally seem like a risk taker, the occasional calculated one is always a thrill.  This is why I drive too fast, play poker, eat raw cookie dough and enjoy my steaks medium-rare.

Anyways, why is this a topic for today?  Well, the book club at work seems like it’s going to have me rereading Normal Accidents by Charles Perrow, which is a great book that talks about the “social” side of risk, and why we illogically perceive things like flying as being more risky than driving.  Also, the Bad Astronomy blog turned me to this great cover article in Time magazine (it covers much of the same ground as Normal Accidents, but without the great anecdotes). 

Also, can you imagine how much fun it would be to drive down this road? (more pics here and here, thanks to Roadguy)

Black Friday

I probably won’t be participating this year. Yes, it’s prudent to try to find deals (and there are some good deals), but there isn’t much that’s hedonistic about waking up at stupid o’clock on a day off to stand in line so that I can fight my way through hordes of consumption crazy soccer moms and teenaged idiots.

If you’re wanting to check out what’s available, has a pretty comprehensive list of the deals that will be offered by the various stores.  One trick that you might want to try is going to buy something tonight, and then going into the store on Friday morning and force them to price match the item or let you return it — I’ve never attempted this myself, and I’m pretty sure that most stores will have policies in place to prevent that now, but if you’re do try, let me know how it turns out.

Samoans in a box

Hedonist: Buying 4 boxes of Samoas – not “Caramel Delites”… Samoas, the good stuff. Hand delivered today by the oh-so-cute daughter of a co-worker.

Prudent: Sharing one box with team mates at work (I swear, I ate less than half!), labelling 2 of them with future dates and giving them to B. with instructions NOT to give them to me until the appropriate date. Leaving me with only 1 box, which I will hold out as long as possible before opening.

Then again, there is the concept alluded to by this post title, which I guess would be better than most cookies…

I still think that the ultimate short term investment would be to order about 100 cases of Girl Scout Cookies (all flavours), sticking em in a freezer to keep them fresh, and then selling them on eBay around november/december-ish when everyone is jonesing but just can’t get them – bet you could get $6-7 a box, which is close to a 100% return over 10 months – not a bad deal at all.