because i just can’t resist

I have a weakness for internet challenges. At least a weakness for starting them (I’m maybe not so great with the follow through). There was “Don’t buy stuff for a month”, “Post everyday for a month”, and “Make Stuff for People*”

This time around, the goal is decluttering, and the name of the game is “5 a day to keep the clutter away“. So, starting this past Saturday, I’ve put aside 5 things everyday that I want done and gone out of my house. If you’ve ever seen my house, you will understand the extent to which this will not really be a challenge at all… which is all the more reason why I should do it (along with Jenni, Wendy, and Amelia.

To make things a little more interesting for the first couple of weeks though, I’m going to concentrate on only choosing items that I could imagine being of value to someone. I’ve got plenty of junk in corners and closets and shelves in my office, and that’s just a matter of throwing it away. Parting with 155 items of actual value though… that might sting a little.

As to what to do with said items, I don’t really want to deal with eBay, and I might Craigslist some stuff if I deem it worthwhile. Otherwise, Jenni is having a yard sale in September that I might participate in, otherwise, the local Goodwill is going to getting a carload of fun stuff.

Here’s a crappy cellphone poorly lit picture of day one (the box is a fair bit fuller now):clutter1

  • Cheap buddha knife purchased from a street vendor in thailand.  Blade is sharp, everything else is plastic.
  • Picture frame which previously contained old-timey picture of me and The Asshole.
  • 3 Pack of highlighters
  • Candy dish from a Harry and David gift set
  • Masterlock padlock, combination unknown

Hey… I didn’t say the stuff would be of much value… just some.

*which I haven’t forgotten about. And totally have plans for, I just need to get my hands on a laser cutter… or a scroll saw.