maybe the nerds are finally wearing me down

But this picture is kind of hot. In a guns-that-look-cool-but-couldn’t-actually-hurt-anyone sort of way.

Another thing that’s caught my eye of late? The Compact. Basically, a bunch of hippies in San Francisco decided not to buy anything new for a year. They set a few exceptions for themselves (food/drink/meds/undies, etc), started a blog and a Yahoo group, and set out on their course for eventual world domination. They are getting some press of late, which is freaking people out (zOMG UR going to cawz teh receshuns!), but also getting people thinking.

Some friends in a community on another site that I frequent don’t think it would be possible. I say, why shouldn’t it be? After all, used is OK – which leaves half-priced books, cd warehouse and cheapo for any media needs that can’t be met by the library or interwebs, goodwill et. al for clothing and various sundries. eBay and craigslist for the big stuff. Food and booze are allowed, and no one’s asking you to wear hand-me-down panties. I’m not sure I can get behind the earthy, save the planet goals of the original cultgroup, but I can definitely support the idea that, in general, people do no need so much new stuff.

So, I think I’ll try it. Not for a full year of course (mainly because I have the attention span of a ritalin starved 12yo boy), but I think a month is beyond doable. Especially a short month (even if it is 3.571% longer this year than it typically is). So, this February, I pledge to do my best to not buy anything new (except for food, drink, necessary meds, cleaning products, show tickets, and anything else that it would be gross to use a “used” instance of*). I might want to put some more thought into the rules and massage them a tiny bit before the end of January (see lazy, cheating, weaselly footnote below for an example), but that’s the general spirit of it. Who’s with me?

*and also maybe DDR Hottest Party for the Wii, if I happen to run into a copy of it in the flesh.

thanks for constantinople

Given that tomorrow is american turkey day, I figured it would be appropriate to make a list of those things that I’m thankful for.  So I started, and it was long, and it was cheesy, and not as funny as I might like.  And then, just as I was about to save, Feline Unit A (aka tigger) decided to practice the new trick she’s learned…

Climbing onto my lap, via the front of my case, expertly landing a paw straight on the power button. Yeah. The worst part is, that she realizes that she gets all sorts of attention when she does that, so she does it all the damn time.

I love cats.

Anyways, I hope that everyone, regardless of where you live or what you celebrate, gets to feel thankful for friends, family, good food, and good drink over the next few days.

And if you can’t, at least be thankful for Rudy and Winston.

this shouldn’t be such a big deal…

But, given the state of mandatory, free (to consumer), even just partially convienient electronics recycling nowadays (and by “state” I mean it doesn’t exist), I figured that I should mention that some company, MPC is hosting an “e-cycling” event at the Mall of America this week.

It goes from 0600-1900 Th-F, and 0900-1700 on Saturday.  As much as I loath the idea of braving the crowds, I’ll probably be dropping off an old motherboard or eight on Saturday.

Throwing out electronics is uncool, and illegal in MN as of recently.  Doing it properly is normally expensive (on the order of $20 for a CRT monitor).  Electronics can be properly broken down for recycling, but it’s a fairly labour intensive process, which is why no one usually wants to pick up the tab.

A few companies (Dell, Sony) have started taking their old equipment back, and building the cost of recycling into new products sold, but this is a optional act, and not everyone’s on board, So, until the powers-that-be start mandating this, you’re left with a guilty conscience, and empty wallet, or, if you’re like me, a garage full of old parts.