i knew i didn’t imagine it!

There is another craft sale happening this weekend in Minneapolis. The Handmaidens’ Craftmas (yeah, I know) will be this Sunday (December 9th) at the VFW on Lyndale and 29th. Here’s the info.

My second order of business today is to remind everyone that my Breast Cancer 3-Day homies and I, Team Boobylicious, are having our Holiday Cookie fundraiser again, and sales are going on RIGHT AS WE SPEAK. The line up has changed a little this year, so the choices are:

  • Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Peanut Butter Blossoms
  • Iced Sugar Cookies

They’re only $6/dozen, or $25/5 dozen, and 100% of the proceeds will go to Susan G. Komen for the Cure in support of research to eliminate evil titty-threatening diseases. We’ll be baking up the cookies next week*, so please get your orders in soon. Local delivery is free, and shipping to anywhere in the US is $6. But I’ll tell you what, if you order 5 dozen or more cookies for shipment outside of the Twin Cities, I’ll personally pay the shipping for you (just mention TPH in the “how did you hear about us” box). Because I’m cool like that.

*Those of you who have seen my food decoration skills will be pleased to know that I will not be involved in the baking/icing of the sugar cookies. It’s really best for all involved.

yes kitty, yes you can.

It took two things to get me to finally make a commitment.

Last year, there were so many times that I wished I’d never done it. It was too much hassle, too stressful, not enough sleep, and people were crying all the time, dammit.

But then again, there were many more times, so many people you meet, those you’re helping, those you’re working with, those that do so much more than you could ever dream of. There’s paying it forward, there’s the 4am camaraderie, and the clean porta-a-potties. In the end, there’s knowing that you’ve done something, however small or big. You haven’t given up without even starting. You’ve tried.

So, it took two things. The first, was a friendly email reminder that I’d better register soon, or lose my $35 discount. The second is below the jump.



That word pretty much sums up any week that starts with being a work on Sunday, followed by three days of project management training.  Hitting Space Aliens and Brunswick Zone XL for Amber’s birthday on Wednesday stopped the bleeding, thankfully – why I don’t play laser tag multiple times a week I’ll never know.

Thursday I spent finishing up items for the Team Boobylicious Silent Auction, and I have to say that most of the items being offered up by my fellow team mates are sort of putting me to shame.  Check it out, bid early and often (we’ll email you if you get out bid), and, if you want to be sure of getting that Cookie of the Month Club subscription, be a Hubert’s on August 16th for final bidding (and watching Wendy get her head shaved).

If you’re in town this weekend, consider checking out the Pizza Luce Block Party and the 35W Bridge Relief fundraiser at the Fine Line.  The Alarmists are playing at both shows, and I’ll probably be at one or both of them.

Lastly, Root Beer Float Cupcakes, drenched in root beer schnapps and topped with a gob of buttercream. How can you go wrong?

hello rabbits

Since we last spoke, I have:

  • Seen the Alarmists & White Light Riot at First Ave
  • Attended Too Much Love at same (hopefully for the last time)
  • Witnessed the Aquatennial Fireworks (Oooh! Ah!)
  • Tailgated in the lot beside Sawatdee
  • Gone to a Twins game
  • Knitted at same
  • Finished HP7
  • Obtained a Dyson (DC07, full kit, much love)
  • Maybe not used the above as much as planned.
  • Decided that it’s never to late to pick up old hobbies (more details later, if anything ever comes of this)
  • Been walked out on by a roommate (not really, but kinda)
  • Triumphed at Keegan’s Pub Trivia
  • Given into my driver problems and salvaged an old RT8159 to achieve reliable network connectivity on the new box.
  • Registered for a First Aid/CPR course at the Red Cross
  • Scheduled the dates for the installation of my windows

I’m hoping that my next list will be somewhat less involved for two reasons: first, I hope to not go a week without posting, and secondly, besides pancakes tomorrow (which you should join me for) and various mischief on Sunday, I’m planning on having a pretty quiet week.

i like a man who knows where his towel is

On Friday Cin, Bill and I demonstrated perfect live show orchestration by: arriving at the Turf Club about 30 minutes before the doors opened, scoring a table so that drinks could be brought to us while we waited for Doomtree to start, moving up to the front of the stage during “intermission”, and rocking the fuck out to the second (and superior IMHO) half of the show.

Saturday was all about bowing down to the cold that I’d been fighting all week. I struggled for a while, but eventually realized the futility of attempting to do anything except nap for about 6 hours. After I allowed it to pass over me and through me, I managed to work up the strength to head to Target in search of pseudoephedrine. You know it’s bad when the pharmicist is commiserating with you as you hand over your idea.

Sunday, I gathered my strength and headed to the Magical Happy Place (IKEA) where multiple hundreds of dollars were spent on the previously mentioned cabinent fixtures, and a new filing cabinet…just cuz. When I got home, I decided that organizing my yarn stash was more important than assembling or tiling or installing anything. This may have been an incorrect choice, but at least I know what I’m making for Team Boobylicious’ silent auction.

Speaking of things that are boobylicious, what are you doing on Saturday, July 28th? What you should be doing is waking up early to attend Team Booby’s Pancake Breakfast at the Knollwood Applebee’s. Click here for more details and to RSVP!

just a quickie

I could tell you about my fence (old fence is down, new footings are poured, only one back was seriously injured). I could also also tell you about roller derby (I feel so conflicted when I try to cheer for the Atomic Bombshells and Jawbreaker at the same time). I could even waste your time talking about improvising explosives on my driveway or the twin geniuses of Rodriguez/Tarantino. But I’m tired, and my body is trying to remind me about why I don’t do manual labour for a living, so I will just leave you with this…

Click here to pre-register, or just show up at Block E tomorrow and register at the door. Grand Prize will be $100 in cash, plus we’ll have a raffle for concert tickets, gift certificates and even tickets to a Twins game. Also, Hooters has agreed to donate a portion of their profits for the evening to Team Boobylicious, so come hungry!