i can’t be the only one

who has to fight the urge to print 50 copies whenever she sees this in an e-mail signature:


Dear people who send me e-mail: please stop assuming that I am stupid.  Thanks!

a triumphant return?

I went to the gym today. It’s been a long time.

True, I only went back to do some exercises that my chiro has been nagging me about. And maybe I wouldn’t even have made it there if I hadn’t already been warmed up by a half-hour of dodgeball (don’t ask). But I went. And I liked it.

Exercise and me have never really been friends. It’s inconvenient, it takes up time that I could be reading or knitting or cooking. It’s insanely boring, I usually feel like my brain is dying through the whole workout, even if I am listening to a fascinating podcast. So it’s easy for me to skip a day. And after that, another, and eventually the thought of have to drop my training weights since it’s been so long is demoralizing enough to keep me home. And, to be honest, the effects of falling off of the wagon don’t really hit until it’s far too late. But one day, those stairs – I don’t want to climb them, or shopping gets to tiring, or I’d rather drive the mile to Subway than walk. And then the guilt starts.

I don’t think I need to talk about the guilt that comes from doing nothing to augment my sedentary life, if I do, I’ll probably just get defensive (it’s not my fault that my job uses my brain not my body, etc). It seems that we’re in a screwed up point in evolution. Our bodies need more work than we need to give them in order to survive.

I’m hoping that the feeling of the weights testing my muscles this is enough to get me back, just for a little while. I’ve never been a huge fan of cardio, so I think I’ll avoid it this time (besides what I need to get warmed up) – why make something you dislike even worse. I’ll consult my some of my favorite sites, sure, they’re flawed, but if you use your brain a little, you can try to pick out the kernels of truth underneath all the hype. And I’ll start slow. But I will start again.

(for a little while)

well, that’s good to know

I found out this morning that I didn’t get nixed during today’s layoff.

On the one hand, I’m kind of relieved. On the other hand though, the severance package was awfully nice (and will be much worse come the next lay-off), and it would have been a good kick in the pants to find what’s next in my life. But overall, I think I’m digging the security (esp. vis a vis my visa status)
Anyways, this blog is not in danger of losing its hosting for the next little while (nor am I to be deported).  I’m sorry to shortpost on you two days in a row, but it’s celebration time…I’m hoping that a certain couple of birthday boys are up for some fun.


It’s been a little while. Here’s some updates for you.

  1. 612.5 was amazing. If you missed it, shame on you. I even managed to stay conscious the whole time (though I did make up for that by sleeping in until 1 the following afternoon), and I think I remember the names (and faces!) of everyone I met. Though, I don’t remember the name of the guy who I almost drowned in bad vodka poured out of a shotgun — if you are that dude, sorry.
  2. Finally getting around to working on my back fence which has been falling over since I moved in. I’m hiring one of my construction dude friends to help me out with it because he needs the work, and I’m not gonna be mixing 2100lbs of cement by myself. Some of the panels are rotted out worse that I thought they were, so this project is going to be quite a bit more expensive than I had budgeted last year. Something around $600 for materials and labour, which to me, seems a little crazy for 90ft of fence. But at least I’m not doing the whole fence, or putting up vinyl panels. I’ll be placing the order for delivery of materials at Lowe’s sometime tomorrow or Thursday, and will start digging on Saturday.
  3. Operation Double-Hung has been stalled for a little while because dude from company A put such a bad taste in my mouth. But I figure, if I’m ever going to get my patio door (and deck with built-in benches) I need to get some more estimates done. So I’m having a couple of companies come in, rapid-fire style on Saturday and Monday.
  4. I’ve eaten a salad for lunch for the past two days. I haven’t died yet, but the dude in the cafeteria who serves the bad for me food (burgers, fries, etc), is giving me looks that imply that he misses me.
  5. I’m going to go see Ted Leo and some other dudes at First Ave. tomorrow. This is exciting.
  6. Holy crap emotions suck, especially when they have you on the sort of roller coaster that leads to almost crying at the end of libertarian propaganda. Heinlein is a mean dude. Also: boys are smelly.
  7. Scientist dudes say that girly drinks are good for you. Something to do with ethanol helping to unless the antioxidants in juice. Now I don’t feel so bad for having that Fruity Tutty Razzamango Mai Tai Chiller while hangin’ at the bar at TGIF last Thursday.

a little too random for a title i think.

After work today, I headed out to knitting club (sometimes I can’t get over the fact that a few years ago, I would have killed myself if I realized that I’d actually look forward to sitting around with a bunch of girls and chatting, but I love it, so fuck how lame it sounds), followed by a trip to my favorite bar.  Nate seemed somewhat concerned about his performance at the 90s on Friday, which was übercute.  His behaviour was pretty innocent (as far as drunken trips to gay bars go) I know I’ve done far worse at the Saloon (though that was during my transition period).
I’ve decided that one of the things that I’d like to work on wrt being a better me is to be more open and honest.  I tend to hide my feelings a lot, and I have a morbid fear of telling people things that they don’t want to hear.  That’s one of the reasons why I have trouble figuring out content for here – there’s always someone who I don’t want to tell about any given item, so the item doesn’t get posted, so eventually nothing gets posted.  This week, I’m going to do my best to tell a certain someone something that he may not want to hear. I’m really phobic of rejection to the point where I don’t want to put anyone through it, but leading people on makes me a bad person and it needs to stop.  I’m trying to figure out how I would want to hear the news were the situation reversed but it’s difficult – my fear of being unwanted means that I never put myself in a postion where I can be rejected (there was a close call about a month ago, but I think I recovered before the object of my affection clued in, also: I know this isn’t healthy – but one issue at a time pls people).
Bleh.  Anyways, I’m trying to come up with something better than “you’re awesome, but…”  I can’t use the “I’m not ready for a relationship line”, since that’s not really true anymore – if the right person comes along, I think I’m ready, I just know that this guy, as amazing as he is, isn’t for me.  Nor me for him for that matter.
On a happier note, I’m going to be starting up a knitblog, so that I  can post pretty pictures of the stuff I’m working on (and hopefully motivate myself to get more done).  I’ll post about it on my other page once I get my new camera.  I’m torn between the Canon SD800 and SD900 right now – though pricewise, the SD900 seems to be winning out, at the moment.


When I left C’s apartment building this morning, carrying 3 bags of stuff and fighting back an impending hangover, I found that someone had cleared the snow off of my car overnight.

This is going to be a good year.

2006 was a good year too.  I got rid of doucheboi, almost finished my masters degree, met amazing people,  bicycled 150 miles in two days, got very drunk many times, found some roommates, set up a fish tank at home, became a regular at a great restaurant, got promoted, saw lots of movies, and threw some fun parties.
The year wasn’t without its mistakes though. I put my trust in people who didn’t deserve it, I wasn’t totally trustworthy myself, I didn’t actually finish my masters degree, I spent too much, started too many projects that didn’t get finished.
I haven’t decided if I’ll be making resolutions for 2007 or not yet.  The only one I really managed to keep from last year was to not allow myself to be “boyfriended-down” for the year.  I may just resolve to keep doing the things that made 2006 awesome, and try to cut back on the things that caused it to be not so much.

Right now, I’m happy.  I intend to stay that way for at least the next 364 days.