does may 8th at midnight sound good to you?

It’s always fun when you realize that someone in your circle of friends who, on the surface, seems relatively normal and merely nerd tolerant is actually one of the nerdiest nerds who ever did nerd. My opinion of yet another one of Nerd 2’s army friends (which, was already pretty high) got raised astronomically when I realized that that boy might be more into Star Trek: The Next Generation now, than I was when I was in junior high. I wasn’t even sure that was possible.

Anyways, the genesis of this particular discovery was introducing the two of us to the wonders of The Jandrew Edits. There are people in this world with far more time on their hands than I, and some of those people use this super power to do good. Great good. We laughed, we cried, we felt somewhat uncomfortable, and Jesse completely ruined his reputation.

While Jan and Andrew truly hit their stride at Episode 9: A Fistful of Explosions, I’m going to start you folks off with Episode 1, wherein we are introduced to Data’s chagrin at being interrupted whilst Twittering on his Kindle (this is made even funnier if you’ve spent any time at all following @brentspiner).

Seriously. No episode is longer than 2 minutes. Stop denying your inner trekkie and watch them now.

december already?

Yesterday evening, I finally made the trek down to Jason Alvey’s The Four Firkins for a class on “my kind of beers”: porters and stouts. The class was taught by local beer nerd Josh Pepper, and while I can’t say that I learned _a lot_, I did have a good time and I got to try some beers that I might not have gotten my hands on for a while *ahem*darkness*ahem*.

The Four Firkins is an awesome little beer store, great selection, nifty decor — I just wish it wasn’t in such an out-of-the-way location.

In other news, I’ve somehow found the patience to start fiddling around with breadmaking again.  Things really hit the fan a couple of weekends ago when I decided, hey, if I’m going to wait overnight for this anyways, why not try out 2 different bread recipes.  So, I made a starter a la Alton Brown and did his Everyday Bread from More Food, and I also tried the Basic Hearth Bread from Rose Levy Beranbaum’s Bread Bible.

The Everyday Bread was actually a little disappointing (I blame the lack of honey, and also the use of only bread flour), but the hearth bread was amazing.  I did still have that starter though, so last weekend I tried a weird hybrid of the two recipes (using the starter to make the sponge for the hearth bread), and was also not dissapointed.

This weekend, I’m going to try a repeat, and, if lightning strikes twice, I may just write up my notes for y’all and let you guys try it.

you might be a geek when…

This trailer for Baby Trek gives you goosebumps.

DAMN YOU J.J. ABRAMS! I do not want to be excited for this!!!!

the good news

is that Harmonix is finally releasing Rock Band for the Wii.

The bad news… is that it’s not going to be around until the end of June (by which time I’m pretty sure I’m going to be bored with it), and it’s probably going to be a port of the PS2 version (so no world tour or other downloadable content).

LAME. Maybe I should just buy a PS3 after all.
And btw — if I know you, and I loaned you my copy of Super Paper Mario — could you let me know?

it’s still thursday

I’m just up a little late checking on all of those great black friday deals…not ;)

I hope everyone who had today off had a good time of it.

definition of stupid

Going to the doctor, complaining about something, getting a prescription to help with something, and not filling it until something keeps you from going into work.

I like my bed.


the french got at least something right

Bread, brie, dark chocolate and red wine are not a bad way to end a day at all.

Now all I need to complete my bliss is for my 46GB torrent of Babylon 5 to finish.  Or, to keep going slowly but not bring my internet connection down with it.

Sometimes, it’s nice to have a Nerd.

Most of the time, I love my yard. Both front and back. The backyard is nice and big and fairly level, with plenty of space for me to have a 4 block square foot garden, and for Nerd 2 to grow giant pumpkins. The front yard has a nice slope upwards towards the house which keeps me away from the street and helps to guard against flooding. However, there are times when you burn through the better part of an afternoon carting 8 wheelbarrow loads full of mostly mulched leaves out of the front yard and suddenly you realize that 0.75 acres was the worst purchase you’ve ever made.

I don’t know how the leaf problem got so bad this year, the backyard cleaned up fine with one swipe of the mower a few weeks back (the ash tree drops early). And last year, I only had a rake to work with, but for some reason, the front yard wants to kill me today.

We decided to start packing it up after we started to feel a few drops of rain, and I’m a touch ashamed to say that Nerd 2 is still out there trying to blow the rest of the leaves into a pile. So far it looks like he’s got them piled up about 3 feet high around the trunk of the basswood.

In other news, the American Cancer Society’s World’s Biggest Garage sale is going on into next week. I grabbed a bunch of fun items which included a Hello Kitty pillow and the soundtrack to The Sting on vinyl. Too bad they were out of record players. Here’s the info if you want to check it out. I might just be heading back on Wednesday for the half price sale.

too busy.

Yeah, that’s what I’ll say. Too busy enjoying life to post. That’s the ticket…

Fear not gentle readers, I’ve got a few little projects that I’m working on that I should be announcing later on this week. Plus, if you’re frustrated by lack of updates here, you can alway go visit two of my favorite men on these here internets over at Taste Mafia. Trust me, if they tell you you should put something in your mouth, do it.

In Real Life, here’s some stuff that the locals might just be interested in:

  1. The PostSecret guy is in town today, and will be speaking in St. Paul tonight.
  2. If you’re a Guthrie member (or even if you’re not) there are $20 tickets available for The Home Place if you list price code “AE” when you call them: 612.377.2224
  3. I guess there’s some big holiday or something happening on Wednesday. You might want to go looking for an outfit.
  4. Along with #3, my other boyfriendOmar Anasi and friends are releasing Darkness again this year. I didn’t get a chance to try it last year, but What Ale’s Thee’s episode on Imperial Stouts really got me turned onto the style. I won’t be a the Blue Nile on Tuesday (my god, it’s full of hipsters!) but I’ll be sniffing around this week to see who else has it on tap. Also: do want.

who says 10 straight hours of video games are bad for you?

It’s fall, which means that party season amongst my circle of friends is starting to pick up. Yesterday’s LAN Party was a big success, even if I lost the bottle rocket war with the neighbours; the 612 Party is coming up on October 19th – be there or be square; and the 6th Annual All Hallow’s Eve Extravaganza is set for Saturday October 27th.

I was thinking of having another Canadian Thanksgiving potluck on the 7th, but a visit from Electric Six, and Nerd 2’s prior commitments look like they are getting in the way of that.

Today was supposed to be uber-productive in the realms of bill paying and general life organization but staying up until 0430ish didn’t really help matters. I eventually woke up around 2:30 this afternoon but haven’t really had the motivation to do much besides watch Idiocracy and nibble on leftover snacks. Maybe I should take the day off tomorrow?